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Champy - The Healthiest Snack

“Champy” is a healthy snack startup set up by 3 students, which at this stage produces apple chips with an innovative method of drying. The product was sold under the name “Enken” for 2 years, and today it is presented on the market under the “Champy” brand.


After the 2008 war, a large part of the population living in border villages of Gori Municipality faced a shortage of permanent jobs and source of income. Consequently, before starting the startup, the project team decided to take social responsibility and an apple chips factory was founded in the village of Ditsi, Gori Municipality.


The company’s closest goal is to create a new, healthier industry of snacks with the use of apple. It is planned to increase the production scale of 12 different species apple chips and to produce high-value “tsmatsi” (dried, crispy fruit “Tklapi”) from residual / non-standard raw materials.


 “Champy” won the Caucasus Social Innovation Competition in 2021 and gained EU funding under “EU4Youth – Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development for Green Growth (SEED)”, implemented by CENN, along with the Kakheti Regional Development Fund and the Green Lane NGO.


Social/Environmental mission

A mission of “Champy” is to promote economic enhancement of the border region and the development of waste-free production through the production of innovative healthy snacks.


In order to carry out the aforesaid mission, the enterprise has defined several priority areas:

  • Women and youth empowerment,
  • Development of waste-free and safe production.



Author of the project

LTD  „Champy“

Author’s contact information

Tel: +995 568 158 555

E-mail: fit.company00@gmail.com

Place of implementation: regions
Duration of Implementation: 6 Months
Overall Budget (Incl. VAT) in Euro

About the Author

Full name:LLC Champy

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